Narnia first came into being in 2002 on Rivington Street, in the Lower East Side of Manhattan in New York City just ever so slightly off the beaten path. We made many friends over the 13 years we held residency there. Ten years in, we opened a second location, on Driggs Avenue in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn. This converted apartment inhabits two large rooms full of clothing, art, and accessories, with an inviting backyard, and an off-season back-stock basement; open for designers by appointment. 

Narnia is a collection of ever-changing vintage garments, textiles, and accessories, directed by the whims and inspirations of what has now been many seasons. It is inspired by highly stylized individuals, world textiles, nature's color palettes, travel, quality, the thrill of what the hunt reveals and what just feels good to wear.


Starting June 14th, 2015 Narnia will again reside under one roof, as we crossed the river and named Williamsburg our sole location.